Cynthia Levine

Katy, Texas

About the Artist:

People often comment on the bold colors used in Cynthia’s artwork. Her appreciation for color began at an early age as she watched her late father create in paint and wood as part of his many hobbies and interests. Fast forward a quarter century and through the blessing of a long marriage and raising three great kids, Cynthia found herself in her late 40’s finally able to fulfill her dream of producing art for the enjoyment of others. She has since worked in many mediums and have for now settled upon colorful abstracts executed in resin as her primary form of expression. The execution of these works has required her to develop skill in guiding the subtle movements of pigments, inks and other materials as they flow within the epoxy resin in which they are carried. Maintaining a sharp separation of colors and pigments enables her to produce works with both high contrast and depth. While all of her work begins with a concept of the end result and extensive experimentation, she finds herself at the end of the process pleasantly surprised the unexpected details in the flow of the colors.